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''It's about empowering people's messages''


''It's about empowering people's messages''



Alejandro has been in the startup world for 7 years working with the best social enterprises in London. He has built strategies that can position your business in the forefront of your field within months. He is also well known in the entrepreneurial world, being an avid networker, workshop addict and social media connector


Each website is built together with the business branding in mind. Hence each website is unique and can be personalised without the need of a website designer. Alejandro offers training in the personalisation as a complementary training.


Alejandro offers training on social media. He tailors his training to each of his clients to produce the biggest impact. He is also well connected entrepreneur and often connects entrepreneurs alike to his clients to create synergy and produce insights in the field


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"After running the company for over 2 years, I thought it was time to upgrade the look of my site and fashion it to reflect our audience. Alejandro came in very handing and listened to every need. Alejandro made it his duty to meet regularly to test site with not only me but the team too.He also made sure that I was comfortable with each stage of the build"
"I am very happy with the result. He explained how the whole process works in a very simple way. He is a very knowable man and he knows how to say it even to people that knows little"
"I am really pleased with Alejandro’s Work. He went beyond what was expected of him. I was surprised of his incredible patience to show the whole team about how the website should run. He shows us many new functions not only to our website but to our Instagram and Facebook. I dont he only provided a service but I think he is very passionate about helping organisations to grow not just merely business."
"Thank you Alejandro for your helpful tips and advice. In the space of 10 minutes you have given me the information that I have been looking for, for hours and had actually given up. You have now pointed me in the right direction make the necessary changes for my business which was much needed as a small business owner."


Frequently asked questions

I started designing websites before College. I wanted to do a blog for Spanish speakers in London. I am a Spanish migrant and I saw how people struggle to understand the English systems so I decided to do something about it. I built a blog in Blogspot (first ‘user-friendly’ website builder). The blog aimed to empower immigrants to live better in London. After having success and being at College, I became a ‘hub’ for CVs, language translations and university consultations. I enjoyed the process of empowering migrants and I became interested in how I could improve my skills.

Therefore, when I entered university, I interned in startups (The Happy World Company and Public Speaking London) assisting events, posting in social media and editing websites. These companies focus on Neuro-linguistic Programming, Coaching and Public Speaking. I learnt about me, how to sell, market and promote business. However, what I really enjoyed was designing websites so I started doing it for a small fee to small organisations.

I did this for a while until I felt it was time to step-up and I joint a paid world-wide entrepreneurial group called The Badass Brand Squad (click to know more), led by branding expert and Tedx speaker, Desislava Dobreva (click for more).

In this group, my ambition grew and I am now looking into following my heart to become the number 1 person in marketing for social enterprises.

So now, that you know a bit about me, why don’t you send me a message telling me who you are and what are you looking to achieve.

Look forward to read your message

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  • Experience – 6 years of website design in WordPress, Wix, Weebly, One and Blogspot
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness- Excellent reviews and real testimonials
  • Personal – My websites are built alongside the client branding and hence they unique and as creative as possible.
  • Community – My work aspires to build a community of positive people that helps each other like family. I take clients that want to build their community and make a positive impact in the world.
  • User-friendly – with my services you will receive training in how to update your website without my need.
  • Social Media Training – I offer complementary training on social media so your website and your social media work in harmony to provide a stronger and positive impact to your clients or users.
  • Step 1 -Make sure you know what you want to achieve with your website
  • Step 2 – Send me a message explaining this 
  • Step 3 – We arrange a FREE consultation either face to face or online
  • Step 4 – We agree on terms
  • Step 5 – I start to design your website
  • Step 6 – The website is completed  and you are extremely happy. You leave me a review on Facebook and a video testimonial to help me grow
  • Step 7 – You become an empowered brand in your field and you recommend me to your network
  • Step 8 – Message me! (Click here)