Top 10 Website Essentials

1 SSL Security – Encryption for passwords and content

2 Simple and easy to navigate – clear and fewer calls to action

3 Have a contact form in you landing page

4 Choose your menu in order of importance for your possible clients

5 Use a consistent branding – Fonts and colours

6 High quality images with headings and clear text

7 Mobile friendly – Most of your clients will be using a mobile to see your site, so make it nice for them

8 Add your social media – My recommendation with this, is that you do not copy and paste content in all your social media, instead use the different platforms for different things. If this is not possible, do not post the same at the same time

9 Add real testimonials – I would create a Facebook page and ask past clients to leave testimonials in there, so other clients know they are genuine

10 Hire someone that has past experience designing a website

In my experience most website services would add the SSL security by a fee, this could go from £24 to £40 approx.

Normally, people would add a lot of text without proper signalling and this will lead people to just get confused and leave the site. I also recommend to have a a chat with a copywriter. If you do not know anyone, check my friend’s facebook (Click on his name) Svet Dimitrov

If you have money to spend, I would recommend you to but a unique font for your site. This could go from 10 dollars to 20 dollars or so. If you hire me to build your site, this will come with the package 🙂

In terms of imaging, the best is to use yourself in those pictures so you make your site personal. (People buy from people). If not, you can always use high quality pics that are not copyrighted. You can get quality pics from pixabay

Finally, if you want to ask me any questions or would like to add something else. Let me know below.

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